How To Make Money in Youtube

In today’s post, I’m going to talk to you how you can make money from Youtube! Then friends will have to do this for you. You must first create a channel

youtube to Online eraning
youtube to Online eraning

Create A Youtube Channel

  • You will need a Gmail account for that you have to create a YouTube channel from that Gmail
  • To become a you have to turn on Youtube! Click on the profile photo and click on Create channel and create a new channel

How to insert video channel

For this you have to turn on Youtube and login with gmail! After that click on the icon of + looking up! And select the video and upload

In that you have to enter the title which is in your video. 

Enter your Discretion and click on Upload and your video will be uploaded.

How to make money from youtube

Friends, there are lots of ways to get you millions of rupees if you get to fits on Youtube

Here are the ways to make money

1. Adsense Account

2. Affiliate program

3. Sponsorship

4. Product Review

5. MCN

1. Adsense Account :- You can work with millions of Adsense Account! But in this you have to see that there are no invlid clicks and it is happening! So they have to stop them and if you do not cry, adsense will get suspended! And you will not be able to make life again by your name.

How to Earn Money from Adsense Account

First you have to go to Youtube and you will see the monetization option there! You have to click on it and then you will get an option to activate Adsense! And you will reach AdSense’s website and you will have to fill your details and your AdSense account will be ready.

You have to click on it and then you will get an option to activate Adsense! And you will reach the website of the Adsense and you will have to fill your details and your AdSense account will be ready.

After that, when your channel becomes 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers! The ad will start appearing on your video and you can earn money from that ad

How To Receive Payment

In this, when you have $ 100 accumulation, your money is sent to your bank account

2. Affiliate program

Friends, you will need to create your affiliate account at the online shopping website to earn money from the affiliate program! And the product link of that website will be inserted into Discraption of your video! And that link buys a product! You will get money, these 10% of these products can also be earned

3. Sponsorship

Friends, your channel is good and you have a great view on your channel! Then you will call or email the companies ahead and you can take millions on a sponsorship! But you have to increase the subcriber base of the channel and then you can earn millions

4. Product Review

Friends, you are given a free product in the product review! And after reviewing a product, you can give the gift to your Subcriber too! And you put a link to the Affiliate website below and nobody buys it! You will get your commission

5. MCN program

These friends are similar to Adsense but they run a private company! In it you get all the eraing of addiction and adsense! And after cutting your commission from that, your money is sent to your bank or Paypal.

There is no danger of Adsense Suspend being friends! And you live in Bay Jijkar and you have earned your money! They are sent to you, there is no limit to it.

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Youtube To Make money


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