Samsung Galaxy Fold Price In India

Samsung Galaxy Fold Price In India:- Hello friends, today we will talk about which new smartphone will be coming and how good it will be! so today I have brought a new smartphone Samsung GALAXY FOLD ! which will be in front of you in some time but if you are thinking of buying it ! then in something else I am going to tell you that ! which new smartphones are coming in the market in some time! which one is it and how can you buy it, so let’s start

samsung galaxy fold Price In India

You should have all the information of the smart that you have brought before you! so that whenever you think about buying it! then you will know whether this smartphone is worth you or not, so what do you want in this smartphone? What is good for us then let’s go


First of all we talk about its display! then I want to tell you that its display screen size is 7.3 “inches and now its camera is about ! how many cameras it has it has a Triple Rear Camera 16MP + 12MP + 12MP its Font Camera ! It is 10MP + 8MP, you will also get flash light and now talk about its battery! so I want to make you have a 4380 mAh battery and this smartphone supports 4G and 5G! now let’s talk about how the processor in it Is then Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and its RAM is 12GB ! and you will get 512GB of storage and now talk about its color! you will get Martian Green, Astro Blue, Cosmos Black and Space Silver color and ! now when talking about its operating system then it You will get 9.0

Samsung galaxy fold specification

Samsung Galaxy Fold Price In India

Now let’s talk about when you will get this smartphone and when it will come in the market and when you can buy it, let’s start, then first of all, this Samsung GALAXY FOLD smartphone will come to the market by 27 October 2019 and its The price is ₹ 137400 and you can buy it with this link given below, so you should start it

Now you are thinking that whether we should buy this smartphone or not, I want to tell you that as much as this smartphone looks good with RAM and ROM and Look, this smartphone is also costly for you, so you have so much money in your jab You can buy it, otherwise you will change the company and you will get a cheaper smartphone from another company, but for the amount of RAM that is in it, you still have to pay some more money. Has may have to take if you can buy it

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