Oppo R20 Specifications and Features full details review

Oppo R20 Specifications:- Hello friends, in this post today, if you are thinking of getting a new smartphone, then I want to tell you that on our website, we post a post about the new Upcoming smartphone and upload new videos on our Youtube channel so that you can get a new smartphone If you are thinking of taking any of our smartphones, you can take a smartphone of this series, today you are getting this post in which I will talk to you today. Now which smartphones will be launched in the future and which of them you should take which smartphone so that it will be good for you, in this post you will talk about this smartphone, whose name you will know is Oppo R20, which will give you a review today. You must read this post today.

Oppo R20 Specifications
Oppo R20 Specifications

Today, you will be given a review of the Oppo R20 smartphone, in which you will be given the complete information of that smartphone, in which you will also get our opinion that whether you should take this smartphone or not, then according to which you should take it Now you will find inside our video, which you will be showing under it, then you should not forget to see it, then you must see it, then I listen to this post. Shall also come then moving on to the post.

Oppo R20 Features

Hello friends, in this post today, you will be told about the smartphone which is currently launch, this smartphone is name Oppo R20, you will get all the information of this smartphone in this post, then you must read this post and tell me. All the features of this Oppo R20 and all the information of this smartphone, then you must read this post completely.

You got all the information of this Oppo R20 smartphone. Many people of this smartphone were wondering when this smartphone will come in the market, and right now you are getting this smartphone in the market, then you are getting all the information to buy it. So if you are fond of buying this smartphone then you can buy it from this link given below, so let’s start.

Oppo R20 Specifications

In this post you will get the information of all the features that you will get in this Oppo R20 smartphone, so let’s start and friends first thing about its display, then you will get 6.0 “inches of display in this smartphone and its Pixel Density 402 PPI You will get screen protection in this and if you talk about the camera of this Oppo R20, then you will get 2 cameras which will be 24 MP + 12 MP Quad Primary Cameras and in this you will get the Main Camera which is the Back Camera. The Elfi camera that will be of 24 MP

 The battery of this smartphone will be 3400 mAh, in this you will get the facility of Fast Charging, with this you will get “C” Charging Support and the Chipset you will get in it will be Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 and Processor will include Octa core (2.6 GHz, Quad core, Kryo 360 + 1.7 GHz, Quad core, Kryo 385) and with this you will have Graphics Adreno 620 in it and you will have Ram 4GB in it and you will get 64GB of storage, you can put Sd card Up to 128 GB in it, you will get the operating system in it. Will remain Android 9.0 and this smartphone You will get a lot of full information in the video, so you must watch this video Oppo R20 Specifications

Oppo R20 Price In India

Now let’s talk about the price of this smartphone, so friends, you get its price Rs. 27,990 / – (approx.) And you will get this smartphone online, if you want to buy it, then through the following link, you can buy it, this is the price of this smartphone, it will be launch at that time, after that some offers will come If its price can be some up or down, then you will buy it at that time’s price, so let’s see it all in this video.

Oppo R20 launching date

Friends, now to talk about its launching date, you have the possibility of coming in the market by Oppo R20 2020. At present, this date has not been launch by the company yet when this smartphone will come to the market, its offical launching date will come from the company, which will inform you It will be told by you that this date can come in front of you in some time, so you kept visiting our website.

Oppo R20 Specifications

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