Listen to anyone’s call in your mobile

Listen to anyone’s call in your mobile

If you want to listen to some other mobile phone then you should complete !this post as to how you will get the call details of anybody in your mobile today.

listen to anyone's call in your mobile
listen to anyone’s call in your mobile

To listen to the calls of friends! you have to adhere to some rules that can help you listen to someone’s call! follow this method for which you can understand every aspect of his age and what he is talking about. is

Why is it need listen to anyone’s call in your mobile

Today many parents have to listen to the words of their children that when my children are talking to whom and what they want to know is that my children are not in bad company! besides keeping a watch on their wife’s call He wants to know his wife and his husband that many of my husband or wife is not talking to anybody other than this, boyfriend likes to know about his golferand and gulffrand The boyfriend to leave him out if my boyfriend or Glfrend are you talking to? Let’s Start

Follow the following steps

  1. First of all you have to go to the call keypad of any of your friends! or the smartphone you want to listen to.
  2. You will not have to type one on the dial ** 21 * mobile No. #
  3. If you do not have mobile phone !or you do not want to call the mobile you want to hear the call and call it
  4. The service will become active as soon as you call
  5. Now anytime you get their mobile information, you will get the information.
  6. And you can now hear their words in their mobile too what they are talking about

How to stop this service

If you want to stop this service! you will have to go to the mobile that we are listening to and we will have to go to !the keypad and at the moment you have to type ## 002 # As soon as it is

In this way you can listen to anyone’s call in your mobile! so if you find it good to have this post! then you must share it with your friends and if there is no content. then please watch the video below.

Listen To Anyone’s Call


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