How To Use FaceApp In Mobile FaceApp Privacy Policy

Today, in the friends, to tell you about an FaceApp application which is becoming very viral on social media today ! it is celebrating a lot of people. This person is doing a lot of fun for this application. Some of it is used for laughter jokes If you want to use this application too! then if you must follow all our steps then let’s move on.


In advance, you want to tell that if you use this application or any application! then you must first get the Privacy Policy about it and !then you use any application and if you use it But !there is an allegation that it leaks your photo or sells it to another company! but the best way is to do this search on google about this application. Only then should you use it

How To Use FaceApp In Mobile

Now that you have read all, we are going to talk to you about how to use it.

First of all you have to download the FaceApp application. If you want to download the application, then click this link and download it.

When you do all this work! you should have the Internet running in your mobile because this application does not work without internet! you can turn on the Internet.

After that you open it and you will have a photo pick option or you can also capture photos.

After this you will reach you in front of you will have many option shows and you can use it.

you would like To Done your photo you will have the option of Old Age on it! you have to click on it and it will take some time and !your photo will be in front of you.

If you want to use this photo you will have to click on !the given download button and your photo will be downloaded and you can use this photo. You can also direct this photo to Instagram or Facebook whatsapp. Have fun with your friends

I have already told you that you have to use any application with caution and !you should use it only after reading everything so that !you do not have to face any problem and this application is very big for you. Used in quantity, you can also use it

If you interested in this post and if you have any problem and !you have any problem then you must do the comments so that we can help you! but you must subscribe to this Bell button so that we do not post it. You can get the information you upload.


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