How To Setup Wifi Calling, How To Work Wifi calling

How To Setup Wifi Calling:-Hello friends, today I am going to tell you how you can make calling through Wi-Fi, that is how WiFi calling works, how can you do it related to it, I had many comments coming and this India for some time. I am going on more trend, so today in which post I am going to tell you how you will do wifi calling, if you want to do wifi calling then the whole process In today’s video, you have got it and with that, friends, in this post I am going to explain you in easy to easy steps, so let’s start today’s post

How To Setup Wifi Calling
How To Setup Wifi Calling

How to Work Wifi Calling

What is friends wifi calling? If you also want to do wifi calling, then wifi calling means that the call made through Wi-Fi is called wifi calling i.e. your phone will be connected to a wifi and when that phone is wifi If you call anyone, then your call will go through Wi-Fi, this will improve the calling itself and you will be free of cost to anyone through Wi-Fi. We will be able to charge you, I will tell you what the data charge will be, we will know everything today, so the method of WiFi calling, you will have understood how WiFi calling works if you want to know how to make WiFi calling. If it works, then please watch the video shown below

How to Setup Wifi Calling

So friends, now I am going to tell you how you will setup wifi calling, if you want to set up wifi calling, then I am going to explain the whole process today. First of all, to set up wifi calling, your phone will use wifi calling. Should be support because friends who support the phone’s hardware WiFi calling, you will be able to make WiFi calling in other phones. If your phone does not support wifi calling then you will not be able to enjoy wifi calling, so friends, you must first check if your phone supports wifi calling or else if you phone supports wifi calling then you can use wifi calling. I am going to explain how the end of WiFi calling is enjoy.

How To Setup Wifi Calling Step To Step

Friends, in order to setup the wifi calling, you will have to do what you have to open your wifi from your smartphone,! that is, you have to turn on your wifi, after that you will connect the wifi, after connecting friends in front of you The option will come down there,! you will turn on the answer to the WiFi calling, that is, you turn on the WiFi calling and leave and when you If you make a call to Wifi,!

then your phone should be connected via WiFi and your phone is connect to WiFi,! then you will be able to call anyone through Wi-Fi, you must have seen this video to make a call, see this video below I have understood everything in Easy Steps, how will anyone make a call through Wi-Fi, then you must see this video, you will also get the complete setup in it.

Wifi Calling Charges

So, if we talk about the charging of WiFi calling, then there is no charge of WiFi calling in India right now, almost Airtel and Jio started free of cost WiFi at the moment,! then friends can post free WiFi calling but Your data charger will definitely be used in this,! because your call will be done through data, so your data of your WiFi High Speed ​​should be here. The speed should be up to the day, your calls will be very good through the speed that you get in WiFi, if your calls which are coming less or not, your calls are very low, then your calls may be delayed a bit.

If you will not be able to get a little speed, then you will have a speed of one Mbps in about 1 minute, that is, if you talk to someone for 1 minute, your 1MB will be charged if you make a video call. Area in the video call so that you will be the town’s approximately 5 MB or 1 minute you talk to any of your 5 MB charge.

How To Setup Wifi Calling

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Talking about the friends disclaimer, friends, I am going to tell you that we have taken all this information with the help of internet, currently our phone is using wifi calling because our phone supports wifi calling, then we have used wifi calling. If your phone supports WiFi calling, then you can use it, you will need to get a new phone if you make a WiFi call. C If you want to now if you do what you can do this video only if you Easy to Easy Steps If you have not seen the view of course this video


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