How to become a pilot In India

How to become a pilot In India:- Friends look at the plane flying in their sky and think that if there was a pilot in it! many people want to sit in it and many people want to fly it! then in this post today, I am going to tell you how you can become a pilot. If you become a pilot, then read this post completely, so let’s start with How to become a pilot In India

How to become a pilot In India
How to become a pilot In India

You see that the life of a pilot is very cool! and how it keeps disappearing from day to day and ! from this you think that the salary of the pilot will also be good! today you will get information about your troubles in this and Also, in this video! you will also get new information about how you can become a pilot, so let’s start How to become a pilot In India

How Many Type Of Pilots

Friends, this question is going on in your mind and in your mind, what are the types of pilots! then in this post today you will find that there are 2 types of pilots.

  1. Commercial pilot
  2. Military Pilot (Airforce)

Today, we will only talk about Commercial Pilot! how to become a Commercial Pilot and you have to know how Military Pilot is made! then you will tell us on top of that also in a new post! then today we will talk about Commercial Let’s start with How to become a pilot In India

how to become a commercial pilot

If you are becoming or want to become a Commercial Pilot, what should be the eligibility? When you can become a pilot, then you must have all these information.

Most of all, if you want to become a pilot then you must be an Indian citizen

After this, it comes to age, what should be your age in making a pilot! you should be around 18 to 32 years old.

Now let’s talk about what your education should be when you can become a pilot! then I want to tell you that your 12th Physics Maths and English should be 55% in it.

But we are thinking that if we are from Commers or Arts! then what do we do, do not get upset, I am going to give you a solution! see the examinations of Physics and Maths through NIOS, you can become a pilot! you are thinking that NIOS is so I want to tell you that in this National Institute of Open Schooling! you can do the exam by studying at home and son! and if you already have English in 12th, then there is no need to give your English exam.

How To Admission Of Pilot

Now you are thinking how to take admission! then I want to tell you that you (Directorate General of Civil Aviation)
Go to this website and do your registration and give your entrance exam because before you become a pilot In India! you have to train in a flying school, for that you will have to give an entrance exam first and ! after that you will have to give an interview and! after that you will be given Class 1 and It is called Class 2 medicals! in which you are given all the information.

I want to tell you that it is up to you to choose flying school. You can join any flying school but you have to see that it is verified by the DGCA. Now you can take admission in it which is not verified by Flying School Take

Top Flying School In India
Top Flying School In India

Top Best Flying School In India

Now you are thinking that which is the Top Flying School in India! then let me tell you that when you search on the Internet, you will get this name.

  1. National Flying Training Institute, Maharashtra
  2. Ahmedabad Aviation & Aeronautics Ltd, Ahmedabad
  3. Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi, Uttar Pradesh
  4. Bombay Flying Club, Mumbai
  5. Madhya Pradesh Flying Club, Madhya Pradesh

How To Use In Flying School

Now you are thinking that what will be taught to me! then let me tell you that here you will be given information about ! the plane and also you will be taught how to fly the plane and as soon as you take admission! then you will SPL will be found here, which means Student Pilot License will be available! after this you will be taught everything how to fly the plane as soon as! you complete your 60 hrs Flying. After this PP L means it gets Private Pilot License and after that as soon as you have completed !your 210 hrs Flying you get CPL now it means Commercial Pilot License which you get when you own ! You get this when you complete 210 Flying Hrs

Now you can work as a pilot in any private company and enjoy it, now you have become a pilot.

How many Fee in Pilot Flying School

Now you are thinking what are the Fees of Flying School! so I want to tell you that you will spend about 30 lakhs in it! then it is very important for you to have a lot of money! it is very difficult to become a Pilot without money. So I want to tell you that it will cost you about 30 lakhs, then you already see it

Pilot Type Rating Training and Cost

When you complete Flying School, after that you have to type Rating Traning! now you are thinking that we have got Commercial Pilot License! then this training is why I tell you that this is when you are in a company When joining! the airline company wants that from which plane you have learned in the flying school ! and now you are give Traning from This plane here because every airline has its own separate plane! so that airline want it That you we Ray plane is require to take! this on You Type Rating Traning is to make it there ! you will 30 million expenses nearly 25 ie expenses to 55 from 60 million to become a pilot In India

How TO Become A pilot
How to Become A pilot

Cadet Polit Program

This program is run by every Airline. Almost all airlines run this program. In this program, you are equipped with the complete processor of Pilot and after this program or before you do not need to join any Flying School. In the cadet pilot program, you are told all the information about flying school and after doing this you do not need to do Type Rating Traning, you become Pilot without doing Type Rating Traning.

Cadet Pilot Program Fees

Friends, it is as good as it is costly, in this you may have to pay a little more than the Flying School and Type Rating, in this you can spend around 60 lakh to 80 lakh, but in this you are guaranteed a job. In the company of which you are doing Cadet Pilot Traning, you immediately get a job in that company and as soon as your training is complete you become a pilot.

How many salaries In a Pilot

Now you are thinking that what is Pilot’s Salary! then I want to tell you that because many people are thinking a lot about it! then the salary of its junior officer starts from 50000! it can vary from airline to airline. Fast Officer, its salary is up to about 2 lakhs and after that! you become a promoter and then you become a captain then your salary is 6 lakh rupees per month! then you get less while joining it but in some time your salary increases.


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