How To apply for Credit Card Any Bank Credit Card Hdfc

Friends, in your post, I am going to tell you how you can take a credit card and what is the profit from your credit card and what if you lose this post, you are going to get a lot of benefit from this post, then this post for you friends Is written and you must read it :- How To apply for Credit Card Any Bank Credit Card Hdfc, Hdfc credit card customer care

How To apply for Credit Card Any Bank
How To apply for Credit Card Any Bank

How To apply for Credit Card Any Bank

If you want to get a credit card, then first of all you are doing job or if you do a business, then you can take a credit card without any work, no bank will give you a credit card, in which your business is proof or job proof. Gives you bank credit card

 Credit Card Eligibility

If you want to take a credit card, what document will you take, then I want to tell you that if you are job-proof in this job, then from No. It seems 16, in addition to ITR income tax return and if you do business, then your 1 year bank statement and 3 years income tax return will be taken and in addition your Cibil Score / Credit Score will be seen.

 If you want to know what is Cibil Score or Credit Score then click here

Through this, it will be seen that you have not done enough bank default and how your old scores are, which are seen in the credit score of the loan that you have taken in future, your credit rating is correct, then you will soon get a credit card. will go

 Credit Card Benefit

What are the benefits of credit card

1. Credit card limit

You get a limit on the credit card, which will be 50000 or 1 lakh according to your bank, you can use this money.

2. Credit limit Praid

You get a discount of 30 days to 50 days on the money you have used with a credit card, which you can deposit this money in time and even after that you do not deposit, then you will have to pay interest.

3. Credit Card Loan

You can also take a loan on your credit card, yes many banks offer a loan loan with the help of which you can take a loan on your credit card and deposit it in installments.

4. Credit card rewards point

When you use your credit card, you get a reward point on it, with the help of which you can redeem these reward points and take money in a bank account. Every credit card company has different ways to shop for some reward points. If you give a discount, then you have the ability to convert to some money.

 5. Credit card EMI policy

You can buy any similar item online in installments by taking a credit card, like if you want to buy a mobile phone on EMI, you can buy that product on EMI.

 6. Credit Rating Credit Score Increase

When you pay a credit card from time to time, then your Cibil Score or Credit Score Increase occurs and the higher your credit score, the more you will benefit.

Credit card losers

If you do not use them well then you have some losses along with the footprint of the credit card.

 1. Credit card interest

When you do not pay after its grace parades, then you may have to pay an interest of about 15% to 40% on this, it is different from every company and bank. To avoid this, you should deposit money immediately.

 2. Low credit score

When you do not make timely payment of the credit card, then your credit score / credit rating decreases, due to this you may have a lot of trouble in taking a loan in future, so pay the credit card on time.

3. Credit card penalty

When you do not pay for the credit card on time, you may have to pay a penalty for the credit card and it may vary from bank to bank, so you should try to avoid it.

Credit Card Hdfc and Hdfc credit card customer care

Customer Care No. Click Hare

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