Cibil score Free Check and Increase Credit score

To tell you how you can see your credit score in free, read this article.

Cibil Score Check And Increase Credit Score

Friends have a website that tells Free Cibil Score! Like Paisabazar also said, but if you see Credit Score from these websites! So be careful why these websites say credit scores for free! But it tells you Auto credit score! On the other hand, want to tell you that the more credit score is seen! The less the same happens. The less you see it, the better! And in that you have the original website which has a credit score, this is the name of the website 

Cibil Scre And Credit Score

How To use In credit score

So let me tell you! As if you take a loan from Bank or any Privet Finance company! loan is given to you by looking at your credit score

Cibil Score no.

These credit scores range from 300 to 900! 300 is the lowest, that is the most worthless 900 the best but not every 900 but the credit score between 750 and 900 is considered to be good

If you take a personal loan, your credit score should be good

How to increase it

Friends, your credit rating is low or bad! So if you want to increase it then you have to take care of this condition

1 . Time pay if your loan Deu payment on time, your credit rating will be good

2. Due clear :- Your loan or credit card is due! So quickly settle it and clear the loan, this will make your Credit Score a great one.

3. Loan :- If your credit rating is already bad and you want to increase it! So you get gold loan and pay it in some time, this will increase your credit score.

4. credit card usage You should never do the same as your credit card limit! Like your credit limit is 100,000 and every month you use 100,000! So this will also spoil your Cibil score

5. Personal loan :- You do not take too much personal loan! Instead of taking security loans like home on the car, etc.! These will also make your Cibil score worse

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How To Chack Cibil Score


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