Affiliate programs To Make Money and Amazon Affiliate

Friends In this post, we will talk about how you can earn money through Affiliate Programs ! as well as what is the reason for the affiliate to suspend your account.

Affiliate Programs
Affiliate Programs

What is Affiliate Programs

Affiliate is a program that increases the sales of the company and works in a referenced manner! With whose help a person sells a product! Then she gets some commission which is called affiliate, as if you have a company or are affiliated with you! If you sell goods of that company, then you get some commission. This is an affilate program. The broker can also say that as you have seen the property broker! He takes some commission on the sale of any plot, hence its associate. If you sell someone else, you get some commission. Now you have understood that Affiliate is and how it works

How to work in Affiliate

If you are thinking about working in Affiliate Programs, how to work in Affiliate! You must first go to a company! Or you can visit its website like Amazon Affiliate Program or Foodpanda or Flipkart! You can join them and you can sell them to the companies, you get some commission! Like Amazon shares your product with your link! Someone has shared your link and someone purchases a product from your link, then you get some commission. You have to create an affiliate account of Amazon. First you have to go to Google, you can search Amazon Affiliates and you can link to the Amazon affiliate program. Click here and you can create an account for Amazon Affiliate

Why Affiliate Account Suspend

Today, know that many people get affiliate account suspend! what is the reason for this, in this case! let me tell you that many people do not follow the affiliate’s trans-condition! due to which their account is suspended as in Amazon ! There is a target of selling some products in 6 months and when they do not complete the target! their account is suspended. Similarly each company has different conditions. It is very important to complete it without you, you can not prevent your affiliate account from being suspended. So when you make an account, then you must get all the conditions !there and only after you create your account and !If you promote direct links to affiliate links, your account may be suspend

How to manage affiliate

When you have been involved in getting affiliate money in affiliate! you are now wondering how to do sex in an affiliate! you can create a website here, with the help of which you can make a beeline! Here you can create a YouTube channel. You can make a slice but you are thinking that if we direct or promote affiliate link! then your account may be suspended, so you have to create a website and add a link to the product. Prahlad to promote your website and then the cell is so you can make money

How much can you earn from affiliate Program

You are thinking how much work we can do with an affiliate the more you are doing! you can work as much as you have a 10% reduction in a product and ! if the rate is 20000 then you get 1 rupee for 1 sale today in a day. Or if you sell 100 products in 1 month then you get 200000 rupees. The more you sell the more, the more money you earn, the more you work! the better you sell the same amount Interpretation! You can earn money can you have for sale without !the made sales more earn a translation of money you need to sale


The objective of this post was only to educate you about online learning and arranting. We do not advise to affiliate any product or service that you work in a fraud company and do not give you that money, so you should check it first. If you can work with that company or you will not like it

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